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Bread & Circuses

The 1% owning everything while the 99% fight each ther for scraps is not a new concept. “Panem et Circensus”, literal translation being ‘Bread and Circuses’ was a formula created …

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Shut Up, Caveman!

5am this morning I woke up terrified. I don’t just mean a bit scared, here. I mean terrified, the kind of paralysing, mind-numbingly, oh-my-god-i’m-gonna-die type terror that I last felt …

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Exploding Heads, Limbs and Comfort Zones!

Film making and acting has always fascinated me. I’m a huge fan of movie making and I did quite a bit of stage acting when I was younger, but lost …

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Anyone For Anaesthetic?

There’s a great moment in the great David Fincher movie ‘Fight Club’ when a bloodied up and buff Brad Pitt empowers the members of fight club to rise up and …

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Wanna Wear Your Undies Over Your Jeans And Save The World?

As I’ve mentioned before on my blogs, there are several massive upsides to embracing real creativity in your life, your business and your Industry. You see, those individuals and organisations …

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From Leonardo to Led Zep, the magic is all in the gaps.

Whenever I need a surge of energy, swagger and attitude I always turn to the same place. I get the Led out. For many reasons, and to many millions, Led …

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Don’t Believe The Hype: We are ALL Creative

My mate has a younger brother who works in marketing for a global food brand. To the outside world, he is a ‘creative’ and carries with him every marketeer creative …

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IDEAS are the new ‘Little Black Dress’

In these, the greatest times of uncertainty we humans have probably ever faced, it’s good to know that there are some things in this world that can always be relied …

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Seize The Day…Make Your Lives Extraordinary

Hi folks. It’s been ages since I last blogged – mainly ‘cos (a) I didn’t really know what to say or why, and (b) cos i’ve been busy writing albums, …

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People Who Inspired Change Through Music #3 – Mozart

I was ten years old when I went on my first ever holiday abroad. Mum and Dad had saved for years to take us to Playa de Palma in Majorca, …

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Bread & Circuses

The 1% owning everything while the 99% fight each ther for scraps is not a new concept.

“Panem et Circensus”, literal translation being ‘Bread and Circuses’ was a formula created by Roman poet and satirist Juvenal, thousands of years back, to describe a system the Emperors used to create what they referred to as a ‘well-being of the population’ (otherwise known as a mechanism for gleaning huge power and control over the masses of the Roman people.)

The Emperors of Rome knew that if the masses ever stood together and rebelled, their iron grip would be toppled. But they also knew that the masses were fickle and could, with a little sleight of hand, be tricked. And so, distraction was the name of the game. The Emperor knew that as long as he waved one hand in the air with offerings of food and lavish entertainment spectacles, the masses would be so distracted that his other hand could literally get away with murder and he and his privileged few could do almost anything they wanted.shutterstock_268598132


Replace ‘Bread’ with cheap, unhealthy foods full of refined sugar. Or fast foods. Or Carbonated drinks. Or GM crops loaded with pesticides.

Replace ‘Circuses’ for reality TV obsession. Or product advertising. Or overpaid footballers screaming obscenities at the referee. Or the endless, pointless crap that pours through our phones, tablets, laptops.

Who do you think controls all of that?

Of course, the Roman Empire was eventually toppled for many reasons, not least the anger and restlessness of ordinary people who stood up, together, and shouted SOD THAT. ENOUGH OF YOUR CRAP THANKS.

Just saying…..

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